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Tuesday, October 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

(Left to right) Manilyn, Alieza, Me, Rikka, Fatima, Michelle, Bea. They're my so called 'barkada' back in high school. I missed them so much! We've got different timezones now. Manilyn and Fatima are left in Riyadh, Rikka is in Mindanao and me, Bea, Alieza and Michelle is here in Manila. Though I admit I got too busy but if I can just have one day free, I'll give that day to them. I miss our bonding. Yes we have our new friends now but no one can change them.

They're still the one I'm looking for and be with. Ever since, we're the ones that hang out but there's no name for us. We don't need a name to call us a group 'cause with them we're one already.

 They were the ones that accepted me for who I am. They're my best of best friends I'll ever have. :) I just hope we'll have the chance this sembreak to hang out again like before.

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